AFS Standards of Professional Conduct

Members will strive to preserve and enhance the fisheries profession, to provide a diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment, and to encourage these behaviors in others.

AFS Meetings Code of Conduct

AFS values the diversity of views, expertise, opinions, backgrounds, and experiences reflected among all attendees, and is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all meeting participants and AFS staff.

How AFS is working to make a difference

Western Division of the American Fisheries Society Diversity and Inclusion Committee

We aim to foster the inclusion, participation, and equitable treatment of members of the WDAFS without regard to gender or gender identity, race, national origin, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, physical or cognitive ability, political affiliation, or family, marital, or economic status, and further, to increase awareness of and encourage diversity and inclusion within the fisheries workforce.

Fisheries Diversity and Inclusion Podcast

We encourage you to join us for discussions on many topics related to diversity and inclusion in fisheries. We explore success stories, learn more about systemic barriers to inclusion, and meet some amazing fisheries professionals.

American Fisheries Society Equal Opportunities Section

EOS works to encourage the exchange of information pertinent to the promotion of employment, education, scholarships, participation, professionalism, and recruitment for all individuals in the fisheries profession.

Nine Proposed Action Areas to Enhance Diversity and Inclusion in the American Fisheries Society

Brooke E. Penaluna, Ivan Arismendi, Christine M. Moffitt, and Zachary L. Penney, Fisheries 42: 399-402

Diversity and Inclusion Day 2020 Videos

This collection of talks (organized by the Equal Opportunities Section) comprised the Learn portion of Diversity and Inclusion Day 2020 during the Virtual AFS Meeting. Talks are meant to share ideas, discuss topics, dispel myths, and help foster constructive conversations among members.

Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program

A paid summer internship and mentoring program for high schools students, which is sponsored by the American Fisheries Society (AFS). Our vision is to stimulate interest in careers in fisheries science and management among groups underrepresented in the fisheries professions, including minorities & women.

American Fisheries Society Awards and Scholarships

AFS offers awards to its members and partners for unique contributions that directly or indirectly impact fisheries science. Each year there is a call for award nominations recognizing professional excellence and/or outstanding contributions to conservation, education, and service.

Take Action!

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Fight for social justice, engage with efforts that advocate for the betterment of our society, and mentor individuals who are underrepresented in STEM.


Resources by Topic

Resources by topic for learning mindful approaches to understanding and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Become an Effective Leader

Confront Bias

Embrace the LGBTQ+ Community

Enhance Diversity

Promote Racial Equity

Support Women

For further resources, explore efforts compiled by others also interested in making this a better world.

This selected resource list was curated by the Western Division of the American Fisheries Society Diversity and Inclusion Committee. We acknowledge this resource list is not comprehensive and that there are many good resources available.
We welcome your thoughts, ideas, and experiences about diversity and inclusion and encourage you to contact us at
[email protected].